Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets

Find the Top Variety of Kitchen Tap & Toilet Tap Singapore

Crown’s expanding range of bathroom taps gives users to experience many modern and traditional design taps and showers. Concentrating on inconspicuous look along with the traditional and contract taps. Crown pursues value, reliability to produce high quality taps at affordable prices along with the guarantee. Kitchen Tap & Toilet Tap with many shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes. Wasser Bath has a wealth of product knowledge to help you select the right product to complement crown tap.


Some of the products and tips that might give you some idea:

Modern Taps: Taps have come with quite an art form with an unbelievable array of styles to choose from different brands and designer impressive look. Single or two-way taps or even ones with a flexible hose to scatter your dirty dishes, Wasser Bath Specialist will be able to talk you through the alternative to fit your style and budget.

Basin Mixer: Everyone is not impressed by modern taps some still want old traditional style taps. These are available in chrome, nickel, coloured finishes. You can choose them from the large collection of Kitchen taps from varieties present to impress everyone visiting your home.

Filtration Taps:Filterflow taps deliver hot water, cold or filtered water using advanced ceramic cartridge. Combine the considered beauty of most stylish, designer, the advancement in technologically water filtration system. Filterflow are the perfect addition to any modern kitchen.

Hot Water Tap: Instead of waiting for kettle to boil the water thanks to boiling water taps. Hot water is just a tap turn away far now. Safe the family from the boiling water with built-in safety button.

Find more of different taps ranging from basin mixer to cold basin mixer and kitchen tap to toilet tap in Singapore. Reach to your favorite stylish, designer tap by visiting the nearest showroom of Wasser Bath in Singapore.

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