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Induction hobs are user friendly, easy to use and save electricity. Manufactured ensured that you only that energy is utilized which is needed, they reduce the time and keep surface cool and safe. Induction hobs enable you to reduce overall power of your cook top ensuring max energy precision to meet with no efficiency loss.


Wasser Bath the leading supplier of cooker hood Singapore & set good range of products in induction hobs so that they perform better than any other hob on or in distributing the heat consistency and continuously across the entire cook top surface. Updated technology that allows you to use large pots and several times the small ones at the same time is no longer an issue left with overcoming the space limitation.


Wasser Bath is the best of supplier of high quality of kitchen range hob and hood Singapore. With a wide collection of hoods they are categorized as Wall Chimney, Island Mount, Under Cabinet, Integrated hood, Built-In hoods, Iconic hoods and many more. Hoods are used to clean the excess heat, clear the cooking smells and condensation in the kitchen.


The Wall Canopy or Chimney: the most common kitchen hood Singapore. They are fixed in walls hanging above the stove. It comes in various innovative styles and designs.


Downdraft Chimney: the stylish and designer chimney that comes over the stove when in use. The push button present is to use pop and retract the chimney.


Island Mounted Chimney: They are fixed on the ceiling and seem like hanging from nowhere. These types are the best for counter-top cooking ranges and gas stoves as well.


Built-in or integrated hood: they remain concealed behind the cabinets and blend with decorative kitchen.


Apart from the basic functionality performed by the hobs and hoods they also add style and elegance to the kitchen. No worry should be there to cook tandoori dishes in your kitchens. You can cook the mouth watering dishes without much of hassle. You have a welcoming kitchen which you can flaunt with pride.


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