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With supreme and exactitude craftsmanship Wasser Bath has proven that the stainless sink is more than just a functional element in the kitchen. Wasser Bath has been dealing with high quality kitchen sinks categorized as Top mount sink and Under Mount sink. The reputed supplier of stainless sinks, faucets, kitchen accessories, company has been representing the best quality, in functionality and professionalism in the market.


At Wasser Bath the team is collective having dedicated individuals with varying skills from multiple fields. Together we believe in serving our clients with branded products that leave its impact and exceptional craftsmanship for community and clients. We are performers, strategist, and suppliers. Out of many appliances in the house that are not as essential and important as the kitchen sink. Your kitchen sink is the center of attraction in the kitchen that is served with many purposes ranging from dish washing to cleaning of fruits and raw vegetables, washing your hands before cooking and after, a source of water for cooking, and many other kitchen requirements.


There are different kitchen sink in Singapore to choose from when designing or refurbishing the kitchen. Several kitchen sink configurations that make up the majority of the kitchens. Select that sink which appeals to you, fits to your aesthetic in order to décor the kitchen. Many a time’s people prefer large sink in order to prepare the food in large quantities to wash the food you require large space which is why large sink is preferred over smaller ones. If you prepare large amount of food you must purchase the suitable sink accordingly from us. Two basins of vary sizes is another choice for homeowners. This type of sink lets you perform two different tasks at the same time. For instance soaking of dirty dishes in the large one and cleaning of vegetables in the second one.


Visit the nearby Wasser Bath store now and get your desired sink for your decorative and advanced kitchen. Welcome to the leading supplier Wasser Bath.

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