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Toilet Bowl and bath accessories have come a long way over time and models of today are engineered to save good amount of water every year and safe your big money on the utility bills. Wasser Bath is having a huge line up of toilets bowl and accessories of bathroom that will help you to improve your bathroom looks and renovate the interior of the bath area. Whether you are a trade professional or end user you have come to right place to learn all about toilet bowl. To make it easy for you to find the branded and designed toilet bowl in Singapore for your bathroom that meets your desired requirement and needs we are at your service.


Wasser Bath offer a variety of toilet bowl


Wasser Bath offer a variety of one-piece, two-piece, wall hung, floor standing, concealed flushing system for your bathrooms. We also have included toilet with either elongated or round bowls and water saving dual flush toilets. One-piece toilets are available in elongated bowl style and also offering in dual flush options are available.


In addition to this toilet tanks, and toilet bowl are available separately in elongated bowl styles to repair and update current toilet. We also carry a good collection of specialty toilets including macerating toilet and composting toilets. Update the rest rooms in your business with other commercial space with commercial toilets and urinals. Install the best suitable and decorative commercial toilets which are comfortable and meeting your needs and requirements.


Varieties of innovative and styles of toilet bowl are offered to match the d├ęcor of your bathroom. Installing and maintaining the toilet is easy and comfortable with guideless and instruction from Wasser Bath experts.


You can grab the best of the product from our store situated at three different location whichever is near to you visit and experience the item quality and figure out the material being used.


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