Rimless Toilet Bowl


A revolutionary new innovative technology in toilet bowls!

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Being Rimless, the bowl becomes much easier to clean as no dirt is trapped.


What is it?

  • Rimless Toilet Bowl


  • Every once in a while, comes a new exciting product that revolutionizes innovation and excellent craftsmanship. The New Rimless Toilet Bowl is such a product.


  • Rimless design makes it easy to clean


  • 50% Water Saving! – Less than half the amount of water need to flush.


  • No residue trapped (unlike normal toilet bowls)


  • Rimless design ensures optimal flushing, automatically cleaning the entire inner surface.


  • Maximum flushing efficiency


  • No longer need to manually clean the toilet bowl’s rim, as no dirt or stain will be trapped


  • Remarkable swirling motion flush provides consistent flushing to entire inner surface


  • Timeless Design; looks cleaner, more elegant and modern.

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And Enjoy up to 70% Off!

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