Smart Touch Mixer Tap

Smart Touch Mixer Tap

When you’re busy in kitchen cooking up a meal, both your hands are usually full! Carrying ingredients, utensils, a recipe, or your handphone with the latest recipe to try.
Now, you can go about your business without worrying about keeping your hands free to wash your utensils, or your stalk of vegetabless, because now you can turn on the tap virtually hands-free with this innovative touch tap faucet.

A revolutionary New Innovative Technology !

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What is it?

  • Touch to On !
  • Touch to Off!
  • Smart Touch Tap Mixer.
  • Allows you to activate water flow with a simple touch to the tap
  • Turn on the flow of water simply by touching any part of the faucet body, its spout, or its handle.


Just Give It A Tap! 

  • This functionality makes it easy to activate water flow only when needed
  • Reduce water usage and increase efficiency of motion.
  • Saving water

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Product Images

JT3535230P11T Smart Touch Thermostatic Sink Mixer
JT353100P11T Smart Touch Thermostatic Basin Mixer
JT353170P11T Smart Touch Thermostatic Tall Basin Mixer
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